A Review of Nomadland: How to Survive America in the 21st Century by Jessica Bruder

I enjoyed this book, no enjoyed is not the right word, the book kept my interest. It is a story of a growing group of Americans who, through multiple circumstances found themselves without a permanent place to call home. Many are over retirement age, but can’t afford to retire. They live in RV’s, vans and even cars, traveling across America working seasonal jobs at Amazon warehouses, campgrounds and the sugar-beet harvest to name just a few. Invisible to most they live on the edge of a society whose laws and culture are against their lifestyle. The best part of this book was when it was about the people and their lives. The weakest or at least the part that made me virtually roll my eyes was when the author started to spout off stats and picked up the political bull horn. I would recommend this book if you are interested in what is happening to a section of today’s middle class. I

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