A Review of Genius Food by Max Lugavere and Paul Grewal, MD 

Genius Food is based on the research that Max Lugavere and Dr. Paul Grewal did on the effect of what we eat has on our cognitive health. The trigger to this research was the discovery that Max’s mother had the onset of early age dementia. Because there was no history of early age dementia in his family, he figured that the cause must be environmental, which would include nutrition. My mother passed away in 2014 as the result of the physical symptoms of dementia. So when I learned what this book was about I had to read it.

The audible book is read by Max and it is clear that the subject is important to him. The first thing I like about the book is that Max and Dr. Grewal make it clear that the science of the connection between nutrition and dementia is in its infant stage and more research needs to be done. That anyone who tells you that they have the answer is lying. That this is the best information they have based on today science. I am not a nutrition expert, so I cannot comment on the science other than to say that the book appears to do a good job at explaining the science behind the information they provide. The biggest complaint I have is not with the book itself, but how links are handled in audio books. I am usually listening to audio books while driving, going to sleep or just relaxing so when the narrator spouts off the link I don’t always have the ability or the desire to bookmark the spot right then. I wish that the links would be listed in the summary of the book

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about the role nutrition has on our cognitive and physical health.

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