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An Amazing Accomplishment

1 min read

I have trouble wrapping my mind around blogging for 25 years since I have trouble blogging for 25 days. Just think of all those changes both personal and non-personal that happen during that time period that this blog has logged.

Checked into Mocha Lounge

Last time at Mocha Lounge. I enjoyed it, but I am not sure I will miss it as much as other coffee shops I have been to. I am having a Pumpkin Latte to drink, because I want to met my Pumpkin Latte requirement. 

If I saw a beautiful painting and later learned that the painting was done by a despicable person, would that make the painting less beautiful. I think not, I think the whether something is beautiful or not is up to the viewers thoughts and perspective not the painters. But that being said I think for anyone to produce something of true beauty they must have some good in them somewhere.

September 4, 2019 Supper

  • 1 small bowl of beef ramen
  • 1 16oz coffee bubble tea
  • 1 rice paper shrimp roll

Beef ramen was good, the small size was more than enough. Good to get caught up to date with Tad. I enjoy our weekly dinners out most of the time.